A Thank You Letter

The Many Roads to Oz was a really fun and incredible journey for us. Putting on a show is never easy in the beginning. It takes time, money, and energy. The most enjoyable time of creating a show is the process. One thing about our studio company is that we really grew during this process. We nailed in what our brand truly shows to our audience members. This show made points about Women’s rights and Black Lives Matter. Both causes we support very proudly. The appreciation from the audience members of those two valid causes really touched our hearts. We were glad to have statements made even if it was a cute, fun show.

The cast in The Many Roads to Oz was made up of the most professional and lovely people in the business. We were incredibly impressed with the talent of the performers and dedication they provided. Each one of the members gave us an opportunity to really work with their characters. We were able to sculpt them in a way where audience members could see new perspectives on the characters of Oz.  

Cody Wymore was with us again on this journey as our accompanist. It’s always vital to have someone that really knows what they’re doing while playing the piano. Cody provides even more than just reading what’s on the sheet music. His creativity of added vamps, transitional music or even a storm is very beneficial to each of our shows. It makes the writing and song selection speak to your emotional side while the characters take you through a journey.

Callie Cox came up with great decorations and really made it feel like Oz in the Duplex! Each table had a selection of green & white tissue paper flowers with emerald beads wrapped around the drink menu. The tables also featured glow sticks to really make our story of Oz shine all around. The aesthetic of doing shows is very important to us. It’s more thrilling to make the audience members feel like they are living in the show as well. Callie definitely helped us with the direction we wanted the show to go in. We are so pleased with the final product.

Danielle Wu filmed our entire show and we look forward to sharing clips with you. Filming gives an opportunity for fans to see the show if they were unable to the first time. We are pleased with how everything turned out. The view is from the first table, upfront. It focuses on the singer itself with the flashing lights gleaming in the background. Danielle executed her creative art style of thinking to captivate the video as if you were truly in the audience. We were very thrilled with the outcome.

The Many Roads to Oz provided us with a great story for our cabaret this time. We can’t wait to see where Gay and Girl Studios goes next. A big thank you to all our friends and fans for coming out to see our shows. We wouldn’t be doing this without you!


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